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MTL Hardcore Resistance
MTL Hardcore Resistance
Location:Canada, Quebec, Montreal
Contact:» FaceFuckerMHR [ROOT]
Description:As anyone here can probably tell, the Hardcore scene in MTL has diminished to something close to embarrassing, and we're here to bring it back! SHARE ALL HARDCORE EVENTS, MUSIC AND IDEOLOGY SO WE CAN START BRINGING BACK HARDCORE!

Upcoming Parties: "Free as Fuck 3: Montreal Hardcore Resistance!"
Event page: Private - Contact admin for invite

Wanna book one of our DJs? Contact admin! (100% of pay goes to DJs)
Resident DJs:


The FaceFuckerz

DJ Du Shine

Wanna organize a rave/free party but don't know where to start? Contact admin for advice on where to book sound, lights, equipment and venues!
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Events [ 5 Total ] [ Show Flyers ]
2018-01-05     2    Beercore
2015-10-30     10   Mort 5
2015-09-11     3    The Sickest Squad: 10 Years Of Sickcore!
2015-03-19     1    O C D J - Post Mortem, Ft. Angel (Isr)
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