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Album:JOKERS PARADISE (compiled by Triptec Worldwide)
Format:Digital (MP3)
Posted On:2011-02-25 05:09:30
Posted By:» Phal-anx
After huge success of TRIPTEC RECORDS first dark-/psycore V/A
called "NOIZE JUNKIE", we want to introduce you to our second V/A:

JOKERS PARADISE (compiled by Triptec Worldwide)

Mastered by Meteor Burn Labs

Artwork by Melan Wastage

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...or on Facebook:!/pages/Triptec-Records/153749268003682

Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.

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(Cd 1)
1. Melektaus – Why So Serious (Intro)
2. Saikohmadness – Dance With The Spirits (146bpm)
3. Melektaus – Look Inside (150bpm)
4. Drakphaser - aquatic Pinball (150bpm)
5. Phal:anx – Where I Shine (152bpm)
6. Psy4tecks – Trick R Treat (152bpm)
7. Meteor Burn – Stand Virtual (154bpm)
8. Limbo - Triple Nightmare (154bpm)

(Cd 2)
9. Unvolved – Rinnegan (154bpm)
10. Error In Dimension - Clear Memory (155bpm)
11. Panora - Spirit Of Nikopol (155bpm)
12. N0tag – Hollymerd (156bpm)
13. Psy Horror Noise - 746 (156bpm)
14. Rawar - Aum Nama Shivaya (158bpm)
15. Psicodelicat - Action Speaks Louder (160bpm)
16. Nap - Antiprig System (160bpm)
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